Don´t take the risk

EPS void fill does not soften  when humidity is in the air. It makes more secure stacking boxes. It is a faster packaging system and SPAN-PACK® particles can be blown into silos and later used with automatic dossage systems.

Particles are configured to pour freely and flow around an object placed in a shipping container

It is possible to fill large voids with relatively little weight of SPAN-PACK®

An important advantage of SPAN-PACK® EPS loose fill void  is that the expanded particles have a very low bulk density and consequently the gross weight of a filled package, and its shipping cost, is minimized.

Particle interlock avoids settling of the packing material.

Particle interlock prevents packed objects from "settling" during transport.

Low density also reduces manufacturing costs, since less raw material is needed for a given volume of product

Among others, the expanded foam plastic materials are resistant to fungus growth, do not readily absorb moisture, and have good heat and electrical insulation properties.