Lightweight expanded plastic aggregate

We produce a SPAN-PACK® grade to be used as aggregate for drainage. This product is made to comply with strict construction normatives and it has been tested and passed through certification.

The raw material SPAN-PACK® needs to be expanded twice to obtain the desired density to be used as a lightweight aggregate for drainage.

Because of it inherent nature, expanded polystyrene is stable in water, not reactive and not easily degradable. It makes it ideal to perform its properties underground.

Once expanded the particulate can be used in bulk or it is also used for the manufacture of drainage pipe units.

Those units can be used for the execution of in-ditch longitudinal drainage. It replaces the french drain and no gravel is needed.

We have a proprietary process for the production of these drainage units and we sell license and machinery for the product manufacture.

The expanded EPS particles are designed for a maximun channel-flow performance keeping a good compression resistance.

Pipe units can also be used for draining and purifiying efluent from septic tanks.

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