Maturing silos for the EPS Loose-fill expansion

This is a guide for a simple and cost-effective construction of asilo area for the storage and maturing of the SPAN-PACK® raw material.

Attention !!!

SPAN-PACK® raw material contains pentane. It is extremely flammable Its flash point is minus 50°C and its boiling point 36°C. Autoignition temperature is 260ºC

It is heavier than air and odourless. During transport and in storage pentane is continuously released even from the finished product during some days after expansion.

Attention !!!

Silos must be wired to ground to avoid static build-up that may cause  fire. Pay attention with cold (low humidity) weather conditions. Dry air does not discharge static. In some cases we recomend a woven steel thread to assure discharge.

Attention !!!

Explosive limits for pentane : Lower 1,3% Vol.  Upper 7,8% Vol. Air pentane mixtures within this limits are explosive. avoid electrical heaters, switching, smoking, sparkling, welding, etc.


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